Irish Dancing Summer Camp

Claire, our Irish dancing teacher is organising a summer camp in our school.

The dates are 10th-14th July from 9.30-11.30 for our age group.

Please contact Claire if you’d be interested in your child attending.

Everyone really worked hard on their dancing skills this year. A lot of boys in particular showed great talent.

All of the children will dance again in Senior Infants. Summer Camp would help keep their interest and skills!


Irish Dancing Feis

Our Irish dancing lessons have finished for this year.

To celebrate the end of their lessons Claire Dowling, the dancing teacher hosts a Feis. A Feis is a competition where a judge comes in and the children show off their skills.

Claire and the judge Andrew were wowed by everyone’s enthusiasm!

All the three infant classes go to the hall and cheer each other on when their turn to dance comes.

I know I’m completely biased but everyone was AMAZING! Every child tried their best and no one refused to dance (Sometimes the nerves can take over)

We were thrilled to hear everyone was so good that they all got a medal and everyone placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd

It was a great day! Irish dancing will start again for a block of time in Senior Infants.

Remember if your child is interested in taking up Irish dancing Claire Dowling offers lessons in our school on Tuesdays from 4-5pm.

Please consider it as it’s a wonderful way to exercise! It’s for boys and girls.


Picnic weather

The weather has been so lovely this week.

Our classroom turns into a mini oven so what better way to stay cool than lots of picnics!

Remember to keep your child hydrated by sending it lots of drinks or bottles that can be refilled with water. Sun cream is vital.

Also they are welcome to wear shorts instead of trousers to keep them cool during this heat wave!


Money, Money, Money!

We were learning all about money and coins.

It’s a very difficult concept.

In Junior Infants we only work with 1c, 2c and 5c coins.

We started off sorting the coins. Then we counted them.

We tried to grasp the concept that multiple 1c coins can add up to different values.

This was very tough.

Also if we had 4c they could buy something worth 1c or 2c or 3c.

This is tough too but we will continue to work on it this year and it’s continued in senior infants.