A visit to the garden

We had a great time visiting our school garden today.

Our school has won a prize for the best school garden in Bray. 

Ms. Garde was here today to show us all the wonderful things growing in it. Joe was there to give us tools to work in the garden.

Even Barbara from the Bray People arrived so keep an eye out for us in tomorrow’s edition.

We watered the plants. We harvested peas, radishes and strawberries. We went on a nature colour scavenger hunt. We even played hide and search with mini beasts.

It was a great day’s work!


School Tour

We had a FANTASTIC day in Glenroe and Zoom today. Everybody was amazingly behaved and had an absolutely ball!

Huge thank you to Lynn, Rachael and of course Zoe and Ms Farrell!

I think everyone’s favourite part of the farm was petting the animals and trying to feed them!


Science Fair

We had a great time at our school Science Fair today!

Huge thank you to Ms Clarke, Ms Roche and Mr Creamer’s classes. They did a wonderful job at setting up the fair and really inspired lots of young scientists in Junior Infanrs!

Parachute experiment 

Lava lamps

Smell test

Static electricity using balloons

Homemade lava lamps 

Rainbow spinners

Static electricity can races

Using bumblebee robots
Circuits to light up the bulb


Road Safety

We went on a special walk today.

We all got new high-vis jackets so we thought we’d practice the rules of the road. We’ve been learning the Safe Cross Code this week.


We would like your child to wear their jacket into school everyday.

We walked out the gate, down to the pedestrian crossing near the park. 

Then we walked up the footpath near the fire station. 

We loved looking at our reflections in the windows of the fire station.

We crossed back over the road at the zebra crossing near the Fergal Ógs pitch.

Then we walked back through the main gates.

We kept listening and looking for cars. We made sure to hold our partner’s hand for the entire walk.

Be safe, be seen!


Traditional Halloween Games

If Apple bobbing was an Olympic sport we definitely would’ve got lots of gold medals!

Next time I’ll need to make it harder and cut the stalks off the apples….😄

They found the apples on the string much harder to figure out!

We did have some very clever moves to grab the apples and reminders to keep hands behind their backs were sometimes forgotten in the moment!!!!


Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday Zoe and Ms. Walsh decided to carve the gigantic pumpkin and medium pumpkin in the classroom.

They took photos to show me and for me to share with you!

As you can see from their faces some of the kids LOVED it and some certainly didn’t enjoy this sensory activity!!!

Bear with the post as there are so many photos!

And here are the finished pieces! Well done Zoe for all the carving! Well done to the kids for cleaning out the pumpkins!

The huge pumpkin came all the way from Cork from teacher’s friend Paddy. He put a seat belt around it and safely drove it up to Bray for our class!