Operation Transformation

Check out this week’s Bray People and see if you recognise any of our athletes!

We took part in the Operation Transformation ’10 at 10′, we did 10 minutes of exercise at 10am.

We danced the Macarena brilliantly even on such a cold morning!


Be Active

We had a great week increasing our activity this week.

Every morning we danced in the yard, thanks to all the parents for the support!

Looking forward to doing it again during the year! (Hopefully there will be rehearsals for the teachers before hand!)

Huge thanks to Ms Brady our very own dancing queen!

We worked on our GoNoodle everyday with a variety of dances, stretches and yoga poses.

If anyone took any photos of the morning dances and would like to share them with the school please let me know. I’d love to get a few up on the school website.


Be Active

Be Well Month.

Last week we focused on being healthy with our food.

This week we are focusing on being active and sporty.

We will do a variety of physical activities during the day to get our heart rate up.

Every morning in the yard we will do a group dance to start the day fit!

Unfortunately the music didn’t work for our Macarena today but hopefully tomorrow we’ll have different speakers.

Be in the line in the morning for our morning dance!

In class we will do extra busy breaks, GoNoodle sessions, dancesand yoga.

This morning we used our nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock to be very active!